When You Find What You Love To Do

You do it like it’s the only thing you know how to do; 

Like the whole essence of your multifaceted existence

hinges on its successes and your persistence

You do it like there would be a sudden cessation of your cardiac function

You gulp it down like one fighting grave dehydration

see it with closed eyes

and speak of it with sealed lips

So write till the ink finishes and your finger bleeds a new color

Till the your soul has been conveyed on paper,

Write even when no one reads

Even when it sounds corny and you don’t know what it needs

And write till you have no more words,

But do not forget that even when you have no more words,

Write that you have no more words

So sing till your vocal cords singe from friction

Till your voice hits some form of attrition

They may call it noise pollution

But know that the melody maybe someone’s much needed solution

And don’t forget to grow

Till mouths are ajar saying ‘oh

I didn’t think they would be here this long

But with my eyes I’ve seen them become this strong’


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