Six months a Single Pringle

So basically, operation #seizethebae2015 has been an epic fail.

The year is already over, there’s no hope. DO NOT try and console me.

I mean, I’m a fine girl. Like  6.5 on a scale of 1-10; If I have to say so myself (which apparently, I do).  Lightskinned, no pimples, no k-leg, no nothing. I even come complete with my own naturally grown fleeky eyebrows.

Yet, still…


Being a singular pringular is not easy for someone in my condition. I mean, I have needs.

Like Melting Moments type of needs.

But any ways, what can a girl do

A girl must

The funny thing is. I actually started well y’know…

You remember in secondary school, when your maths teacher calls you to solve an example in front of the class and you get it correct… As a boss…

Then test comes and people ask you “What did you get?”

“I haven’t seen my script yet”



Yep, that’s exactly what happened to me. Started 2015 with bae successfully seized and like play, like play, I have arrived November on some self love nonsense.

So I’ve been single since June or so…  By now, I thought someone would just come over and be like “Hey cutie, come over here and get some lovin’” and then  I would front small like “Yeah.. give me some time, I’ll have to think about it” .

Instead I’m just here pending, and all my friends are asking me for relationship advice. Really, what’s up with that? How on earth am I suppose to know? I am just a lone pringle in this world; vulnerable  and easy to smash.

So everyone, plix ep.  Even if you don’t want me, tell your friends to tell their friends

Don’t worry, I am not selective. All I require is complete set of limbs and an average IQ and we are good to go. Just slide into my dms. @PrincessIlonze I am a very nice person. I swear.

If you’re too shy to slide, just follow me and then like one of my tweets, I’ll get the message.

Autosliding 100% guaranteed.



I’m not thirsty.


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