For some reason, I’m guessing twitter or whatever, people have been going on and on about this feminism thing of late. Sometimes intelligently….most often not. I’ve been privy to numerous fly-by conversations that involved people talking about feminism.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that the people bringing it up are mostly guys.

Like are y’all pained or something?


One time, I overheard two guys talking about how long girls take to dress up and then one of them  goes “ …and later they will say they want equality…”

I was like whut!!.

But actually, fly-by conversations are the best.

So yes, I am female, relatively educated, ambitious, pseudo-independent and for some reason, people (again, guys!!!) see this and just think “Ah!, that one! …Fem-in-ist!!”

Au contraire , mes frères ! I happen to like things the way they are; for the most part.

I like the world where men are supposed to open doors for me , buy me gifts and treat me like an egg. I like the world where he takes me out on dates , pays the bills and then drives me home afterwards. I like the world where my money is my money and his money is our money.  I like the world where if I don’t slay and I have a man then “He’s not treating me right”. I like the world where he asks for my hand on his knees and then I spend all his life savings on a wedding.

Now, having said that; there’s no perfect world and obviously some things have to change. I mean there’s rape, marital rape, girl child illiteracy, forced prostitution, domestic violence, sexual harassment, forced marriage, forced and continuously forced pregnancy (yes, this is a thing IN MARRIAGES!!). Women all over the world are deprived rights to vote, to drive, to express themselves, to self determination, they work more and earn less.

Errm… but Princess… I thought you said you are not a feminist?

I’m not but these things cannot be belittled. My issue with the whole feminism thing is actually two-fold.

First of all ( introduction) , see ehn… I’ve been in this world a short time but with the little sense I have gathered, this equality of a thing … e get as e get. I mean, it is my understanding that the fight against racial discrimination became popular first before feminism and here we are in 2015 ; November no less, and we are still hearing shooting this and policed brutality that.

Okay, what of poverty eradication? Or solving unemployment? Or third world development? Or Freaking GLOBAL WARMING?!! . So many troubles of the world; fights that we started since oh. Still no solution. I know these issues are different, fundamentally. But… my point is that these are ideals. Just like this equality of a thing you guys and ladies are talking about. Equality is too farfetched for me to stand behind. Sure, stuff can and should reduce. But I’m not about to start burning my bras because of it.

Another reason I’m not a feminist; please someone tell me, what exactly is this feminism of a thing? Like, everybody you ask will say one this or that. I’m confused; thoroughly. How can you be asking people to give you something… that you don’t know.


For real?

I guess a reason for this lack of singular identity is that there’s no authority figure. I mean the likes of MLK…Mandela…Bin Laden. C’mon, even TuPac and Fela!!.  It’s such a sheep without shepherd situation.

Because women just like to hate on each other. If a woman comes up and tries to lead, we just squeeze our noses somehow and say “Who does that one think she is ?”.  I’ve heard similar responses from females about women that try to lead like Chimamanda, Remi Sonaya…. and Hilary Clinton. So who is really doing who here? We are just doing ourselves.

Maybe if a male feminist came up and led. LOOL! The irony!!

So…. bottom line. I’m confused and not convinced and I cannot for the life of me call myself something that I don’t what it means or just be following the crowd when there’s no one leading in front.

Lol, so this is my first post. Please don’t shoot me.



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