@Emmanuel_Asher Responds To CAN U REVIEW

Emmanuel was kind enough to start a help conversation on my review of the CAN U stating Reflections side of the story. The full reply is in the comment section of the review but I thought it was needed that all of you see it. I will write a response shortly but his is very profound and worth reading. Besides its always good to hear both sides of a story. #OneLove

Amazing job on the healthy criticism it is amazing to see that there are still individuals who love us and still want us to perform better but it is imperative to state that not all you say is actually correct.
A lot of issues has been brought forward including the fact that we come up with same old concepts every time, I believe that the concepts you brought forward were born out of the anger of the moment but I don’t think I see the wisdom in showing how hard it is to come for CHOP or struggling with sleep when you’re reading to the School Management or the Chaplaincy Team of Covenant University.
This brings us back to the fact that we are a service unit and not a dance group, it is pretty difficult carrying the demands of a Dance group from the student body while meeting the demands of a permit me to say a not-so-dance-loving Management board, and off the record the story behind all the dance were all different from all the stories behind all our previous dances, so the issue isn’t with the mundane tricks and teases it is with the complexity involved in simplifying and connecting all the concepts into one dance and still staying in-line with the rules and regulations of CU, and I believe this is a challenge for every minister /performer in CU? *Speaking on behalf of every service unit mentioned earlier in your post*P.S the last time we had a ministration based on exciting the crowd in the school chapel it led to our removal as a service unit by the Vice chancellor. This happened after CAN U?7 one of the best CAN U? concerts to ever hold. *Yes I know some history*

You talked about a fighting scene we were careful not to use any this year but our invited guests used it and to be frank they were one of the best performers of the evening, we had only two dances having somersaults and back flips the opening and closing dance and although the weakly constructed stage proved to be a problem and cost us a few injuries none the less they completed what they had to do in time, every other dance that had flips and turns were done by guest performers.

You mentioned the fact of erratic hand movements and waist turning in the ad videos which were supposed to be break dancing this single line shows just how much you know about dance I won’t go into the details but break dance involves all the somersaults and back flips that you grew tired of.

The dances may not have been in sync but I would like to remind everyone that this is the first CAN U? after a very rocky time with the school management and the second this year, this is the first time we are having 80% of our dancers coming from 100-200 level because of the time gap we had lat year.

Once again thank you for your honest criticism and I look forward to reading your tweets of advice ASAP


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