CAN U REVIEW: My Response To @Emmanuel_Asher

Let me clear the air in case anyone reading this gets carried away. I actually wrote the CAN U review because I hold Reflections dance ministry to a high standard and was very disappointed with the CAN U 12. I expected more because I believe you guys aren’t just good but you’re amazing. I respect the work that you guys put into it and I know you will get blessed for it.

I spent a large part of today, reading and rereading your comment and I must say I didn’t see a whole lot of difference between your comment and my review.

What your comment did, was to give us an insiders perspective to the whole issue. You gave us a background to what you feel the problem is when you wrote about how Reflections is just coming back from a “compulsory leave of absence.” You also tried to convince us on why we should cut you guys some slack when you wrote on the fact that most of the dancers were 100-200 level students.

You insinuated my knowledge about dance is small and I must correct you, my knowledge about dance is a lot smaller than small. I started lacking musical coordination before God created it, I can’t dance to save my live (although I do try in the bathroom).

While I can’t dance, I do understand what it feels like to be inspired/entertained by dance and that’s where I’m coming from.

When I attend a dance concert, asides from the actual choreography what I expect is to see unique concepts expressed through dance with background music serving as a glue. When I said I wanted to see something like the struggle of going for C.H.O.P, that was just an example that you mustn’t limit yourselves to. But it gives an idea of what I mean by concepts.

Concepts for me are important because no matter how many cool moves you pull off, when they get repeated they eventually get old. But when those moves are done in the midst of new, concepts they never do. Believe me there was a time when I thought backflips were cool (I still think they are seeing as I can’t do it) but context or in this case concept is necessary.

Maybe a CHOP concept won’t fly, maybe it will, but why limit yourselves, dream up better and more amazing dance concepts.

I didn’t see a lot of the connection between the choice of background music and the choreography. A lot of times the only connection was that they both had the same tempo. Possibly the connections got lost in execution on stage. It’s a place to look into.

I always tell people that ‘talent oriented service units’ aren’t for everyone. They aren’t for those that are solely anointed or solely talented, they are for the best of both worlds. If there are only 10 people that can deliver the best of both worlds let them have the bulk of the time and that’s why I really don’t understand the 100-200 level thing.

With Due respect, regardless of the backstory Reflections should have put their best foot forward and unless I misunderstood your comment it appears that didn’t happen.

Assuming I did misunderstand and that was reflections best foot, then the drawing board calls and it must be answered.

But after all is said and done, Reflections was made to be amazing and should stand for nothing less.


3 Replies to “CAN U REVIEW: My Response To @Emmanuel_Asher”

  1. Again another amazing write up this time throwing more light to how you actually felt and relating to the specific and not the generic, I appreciate the fact that your exciting composition on Reflections is born out of the “glory-days” ending your response with Reflections was created to be amazing and also stating that you hold us in some high regard but with 100-200 Level students dancing their first CAN U who by all means impressed me beyond reasonable doubt were mentioned in my earlier response merely to state that they were amazing and if I had to do it all over again I would love to have them on the altar doing what they love to do…DANCE.
    The beauty of a ministry is that it’s more than the talent it’s about the heart and once we have the heart for anything, discipline sets in and transforms you from a mere talent to a success story. Permit me to mention that we have quite a number of success stories including the just concluded Battle of the year Popping Category and the ongoing Dance with Peter Reality Show. Hence my reason for mentioning that for the first time 100-200 Level students have taken a bold step towards consistency and that I applaud not choose as an excuse for not being up to par with your standards or anyone’s standard for Reflections.
    I believe we need to put our best foot forward but more importantly I believe we first and foremost need to learn that you can have the best foot forward and miss the right path, I do not believe that we should have MAD performances as our focus as a service unit, yet I do +understand where you are coming from you are just hungry for more, but aren’t we all, everyone hungers for more data even after “10gb” nothing is ever enough and rest assured all you have brought up so far in your more admirable response would be looked into.
    I can’t guarantee you that we will become the Reflections you want us to be but what I assure you is we will continue to strive to show God’s glory through dance no matter how dynamic the process might be. Funny how we need a dynamic process to serve a God that never changes but none the less I would like to use this medium to say that the Grace-plated hearts we have for dance will lead us back to where we used to be in the hearts of the CU community because “Together with God, Everyone Achieves More”. Thank you Ugo!


    1. Once again very wonderful reply👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

      Just one last thing. I wasn’t trying to imply that you shouldn’t put 100-200L, what I was trying to state is that you should always out the best regardless of their level. I’m one of those people that believe levels are just attachments and labels, you never know what’s truly within a person.

      But having this conversation has assured me that Reflections is in really capable hands and whether or not the “glory days” are gone new ones, better ones are coming!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


  2. @emmanuel Hi dear, watched CAN U on YouTube and a lot of things caught my attention and captivated me, like the stage, the costume and the YouTube video but the dances weren’t MADDDDD, they were nice just not MAD! Rather than defend CAN U and Reflections, go back and prove them wrong by action in subsequent performances. If anything, business has taught me that customers are always right and it’s how they perceive your product that matters. You can’t force their perception, you can only influence it by positioning your conceived perception right and delivering brand promise like Apple and Coke. Apple doesn’t have to tell you we are sleek, we see it and if they don’t perform up to par, loyalist would express their disappointment and they’ll work on it. What am I saying, excuses and reasons why Can U wasn’t mad are apt and for you to know. It doesn’t affect the fact that the audience want what they want and you must give it to them. Little things wow the student body even tho they are hard to please. Remember bringing bikes into the chapel? Screen/shadow dances? Jumping from the windows on the first floor? Bringing Ebuka in the box? Memorable concepts! I know there’s a level of restriction right now but you guys are creative enough to make it work. Do something that will be memorable for the next 10years. Overall, good job and why didn’t 3-500level dance sef?

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