REVIEW: Reflections CAN U 12Reflections Dance Ministry is definitely the most hyped Talent-oriented Service unit in CU and gradually it is becoming less talented and more of hype. To be fair, they aren’t the only ones suffering this decline, from Contemporary choir to Classical Choir to CUTG, everyone seems to be losing their killer edge as far as the talent goes.

I would like to tell you that CAN U ended on a very high and positive note, but I have no idea how it ended seeing as I left early feeling very frustrated and angry. When I was leaving I was shocked to find a steady stream of people pouring out of the Chapel, apparently, I wasn’t the only one that left unimpressed.

In all honesty it isn’t that there are no more talented people on campus, it’s just that the act has become old. This year’s CAN U was another reminder of that fact. From the the CAN U ad video that was filled with the same old, waist bending, and erratic hand movements that are supposed to be break dancing to the events MC’s that kept cracking personal jokes and trying too hard to engage the audience (yet still failing). I honestly suggest that this CAN U should quickly be forgotten for the sake of the dearly loved Reflections.

The performances on stage left more to be desired and though they inspired quite a number of shouts and hand claps from the audience, that ‘wow’ standing ovation moment never really came around.

Once again, the choreography wasn’t totally in sync. Although there was some level of coordination, a certain total uniformity never showed. Limbs kept flying and gliding seconds apart, hands and feet were raised at different elevations and instead of appearing like a seasoned army with one mind, the performances felt like primary school kids passionately learning how to perform a march-past.

There were largely no new concepts (wonderful costume but no new concepts). There was another fighting scene. This time, instead of being between the devil and an angel, it was between a janitor and a guy in black (I have no clue what they represented).

I expected to see concepts that excite and are easily relatable to the audience. I would have loved choreography showing the struggle to get to C.H.O.P every morning. I would have loved a dance showing the how to study in the midst of sleep, or one showing how you feel when a lecturer marks you down and you feel you should have done better. Things like that and even better. But since there was no new interesting concept, the concert became about the background music playing and multiple CUTG and singing performances.


Did I mention there were back flips and somersaults?

Oh yes!

They were so many of them that it got boring…really fast. Like every other dance had a at least one back flip or somersault. Also featured was a lot of carrying. People were lifted up in the air, sideways and other ways. At first it was interesting, but after the (I had lost count but let’s call it 5th time) when someone almost fell I was in a let it go kind of mood.

Before someone from reflections tries to…let me move on to more positive matters about CAN U.

Well…the chapel was full, people shouted quite often and that was good because that meant there was some level of excitement, no one got injured…and the costumes were super amazing (I’m possibly exaggerating how nice the costumes were)…and I’m out of positives.

Let me just be clear, I’m just writing this because of the very high standards I hold reflections to. We can forgive both choirs for weekly mishaps, but Reflections are supposed to be a cut above the rest. It was really disappointing after waiting for a long time for CAN U only to get the same old story.

But we (me, myself and I) have faith in you guys, so,

get better!

get amazing!

And do it Fast!!!


ANY GRAMMATICAL ERROR WAS DELIBERATELY LEFT HERE (that’s a lie, I didn’t see it so just let me know In the comment section).

Also let me know what way you would have improved CAN U if you could have.



  1. More like Ugo talks a lot of bullshit. Reflections did a good job. If you can’t dance and as long as you didn’t put in long hours of rehearsals with them, shut up please.


    1. No matter the hours put into rehearsals, if they come up short u have to be candid and that’s what he did with this post…. And BTW no one said they didn’t do a good job but they certainly weren’t great (or as good as they used to be)


  2. I stayed for only about 15 mins, and what I saw wasn’t really all that. I really think they can do much better than that. I really loved the stage concept, it was really beautiful.


  3. Spot light was too close to the stage that at a point the MC was blocking his eyes from the light….. and really the student body is actually very hard to please and to mention again nothing was spectacular, movements weren’t in sync…… The 3 guys that danced in Orange jumpsuits were really nice tho.


  4. Lol
    Wasn’t there for can u but from ur vivid description I can say I didn’t miss much, it’s sort of sad seeing reflection falling apart hope they get better 😀

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  5. Amazing job on the healthy criticism it is amazing to see that there are still individuals who love us and still want us to perform better but it is imperative to state that not all you say is actually correct. A lot of issues has been brought forward including the fact that we come up with same old concepts every time, I believe that the concepts you brought forward were born out of the anger of the moment but I don’t think I see the wisdom in showing how hard it is to come for CHOP or struggling with sleep when you’re reading to the School Management or the Chaplaincy Team of Covenant University. This brings us back to the fact that we are a service unit and not a dance group, it is pretty difficult carrying the demands of a Dance group from the student body while meeting the demands of a permit me to say a not-so-dance-loving Management board, and off the record the story behind all the dance were all different from all the stories behind all our previous dances, so the issue isn’t with the mundane tricks and teases it is with the complexity involved in simplifying and connecting all the concepts into one dance and still staying in-line with the rules and regulations of CU, and I believe this is a challenge for every minister /performer in CU? *Speaking on behalf of every service unit mentioned earlier in your post*
    P.S the last time we had a ministration based on exciting the crowd in the school chapel it led to our removal as a service unit by the Vice chancellor. This happened after CAN U?7 one of the best CAN U? concerts to ever hold. *Yes I know some history*
    You talked about a fighting scene we were careful not to use any this year but our invited guests used it and to be frank they were one of the best performers of the evening, we had only two dances having somersaults and back flips the opening and closing dance and although the weakly constructed stage proved to be a problem and cost us a few injuries none the less they completed what they had to do in time, every other dance that had flips and turns were done by guest performers.
    You mentioned the fact of erratic hand movements and waist turning in the ad videos which were supposed to be break dancing this single line shows just how much you know about dance I won’t go into the details but break dance involves all the somersaults and back flips that you grew tired of.
    The dances may not have been in sync but I would like to remind everyone that this is the first CAN U? after a very rocky time with the school management and the second this year, this is the first time we are having 80% of our dancers coming from 100-200 level because of the time gap we had lat year.
    I believe we can do better if we all work together if you have any way you feel our ministrations can be better and you still hold reflections in high esteem tweet at me @Emmanuel_Asher and we will reason together but where we feel pain is where we are constrained by certain conditions yet are expected to deliver the same way as those who are not constrained by the same factors.
    Once again thank you for your honest criticism and I look forward to reading your tweets of advice ASAP.

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  6. Hello People,

    Thank you for taking the time out to comment on this piece by my friend (I hope I am not famzing…lol)

    1 Thing:

    I guess UgoTalksALot is a critic by nature (kindly correct me if I am wrong); this might explain why he took to the side of constructive criticism.

    But I think I and some others might have appreciated the post more if it focused on the good parts (I assume there are good parts since you spoke about some)

    This Principle could be applied here: “Correct in private; applaud in public”

    With this current piece, CANU doesn’t get any(at least not as much) credit for what they had managed to pull off; considering all the constraints listed above and more.

    But, I guess @emmanuel_asher and his crew would have felt a lot better if you titled it something like “Weldone Reflections | with this other additions I think you guys would be World Class..instead of the ‘Habba Reflections’ “. This heading arose the defense of the people who have put their lives on the line for this CANU including the organizers.

    But then again, “Negative titles sells faster” so I heard.

    Once again, thanks all for reading; more importantly thanks for composing this @ugotalksalot


    1. There is no doubt, reflections is loved because I assume that’s the reason for this review. Some of us sat in that chapel for hours cheering. At last give someone the leverage to air his views. Also, The constraints not withstanding we expected a certain level of professionalism we didn’t see.

      As a performer or minister, I think it’s wrong to give excuses when the audience or congregation wasn’t satisfied. You can’t see that in secular spheres so why are we seeing it here? As much as we serve the lord with our talents, we also called to serve people too. We should examine their criticism, look for truths and use them to improve, it’s that simple.

      And Dada Benjamin and Emmanuel, you’re not disagreeing with Ugo that there were problems, you just wish no one had said anything and that isn’t too good for long term growth. Whether constructive rebuke is made public or private let them be made so we can grow. Let’s not get carried away with irrelevances, everyone wants the same thing and that is growth and improvement!

      But at least a conversation is on.


  7. Sup guys I’m really not much of a blogger or writer ….but I just have something I want to pass across. Well I personally have some agreements with Ugo and i really (not just me but all of reflections) would love to show you the mind blowing CAN U you are looking for and reigniting that fire you say isn’t there anymore ….but for the fact that you lacked appreciation for the amount of time, energy and money that so many young and old reflection members sacrificed to make this years CAN U work and saw it as a waste of time shows that you really don’t deserve to see any great CAN U at all..but we are all entitled to our own opinions in life …..aren’t we?? …sorry to say but Benji was right you really are a critic by nature and i think you should stay that way….coz reading your initial post I would have taking your options and suggestion seriously if you hadn’t ended your post with the “I believe in you guys” crap, more like it was beginning to make sense till I got to the end, and oh yeah your header too cut me off but I guess that’s what you do best as a blogger.. it just shows you aren’t even grateful that people try to make the campus a lively place and also minister…. but oh well we would still try again next year to impress not just you but the entire campus… coz that’s what we want to do whether you appreciate it or not, we wouldn’t try it in the first place if we were not bent on putting smiles on your faces.


    1. I think you’re very correct, and I also feel Ugo should have appreciated a little more.

      But look at something Virtually more than half of the comments here side with Ugo’s view and these people represent the views of a lot of people that filled that chapel and were slightly disappointed but because he is the one writing what others were telling their friends, you say he doesn’t deserve a great CAN U? Is that showing appreciation to people that came to watch you perform? This this reciprocal.

      The truth is bitter but it’s necessary. forget that the message was not to yourliking and look for ways to make next CAN U and every ministration be froze that amazing.

      I’ll say, it appears that we all want the same thing. So why the bad blood?


  8. @ Dada Benjamin, I agree the manner is as important but when you put it as private and public you come off as talking more about keeping the criticism quiet than airing it nicely.


  9. @Caleb I would like to say that your comment is centered around improvement with no tolerance for excuses, not trying to brag but if you have followed the train from one CAN U? to the other I believe it would change your perspective, your comment though constructive lacked a certain depth of insight into where exactly we are coming from and if you don’t know where we are coming from it would be impossible to understand the improvements that have been made. I believe our publicity team should get started on having our CAN U? DVD’s out by the end of the semester.

    Lastly i would like to mention Caleb that there is no bad-blood between ref and Ugo, we are mainly trying for the first time to establish an inevitable line of communication between us as ref members and you as the people we try “”not to entertain”” but to minister to.


  10. Caleb you are right, and yes its very true we all want to see a better can U. But I would like to state saying that the standard of can U? Has dropped isn’t totally true, because I have watched other can U videos and only can U? 7 and can u ?9 are really comparable to 12 so why do people act like it’s was a total waste of time.

    Also I would also state that no matter how good can u? Becomes in future, people will still criticise like the saying “people don’t appreciate something until it’s gone”
    I imagine how covenant university would be with out CAN U?


  11. @dada and @emmanuel If this was a Nigerian show with all the media presence and People how would you explain to all of them the issues ref is facing. Take the lessons, drop the chaff, forge forward. Be open to criticism, take correction even the maddest Can U was criticized only difference is people who were non-Can U members fought in Ref’s defense. Right now not many non-ref members are fighting for you guys. Throw away the need to give excuses, just return badder and better. I understand the restrictions but think like this, If Brian Puspos and Papa were judges at CAN U, how would you impress them both?

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  12. @emmanuel Hi dear, watched CAN U on YouTube and a lot of things caught my attention and captivated me, like the stage, the costume and the YouTube video but the dances weren’t MADDDDD, they were nice just not MAD! Rather than defend CAN U and Reflections, go back and prove them wrong by action in subsequent performances. If anything, business has taught me that customers are always right and it’s how they perceive your product that matters. You can’t force their perception, you can only influence it by positioning your conceived perception right and delivering brand promise like Apple and Coke. Apple doesn’t have to tell you we are sleek, we see it and if they don’t perform up to par, loyalist would express their disappointment and they’ll work on it. What am I saying, excuses and reasons why Can U wasn’t mad are apt and for you to know. It doesn’t affect the fact that the audience want what they want and you must give it to them. Little things wow the student body even tho they are hard to please. Remember bringing bikes into the chapel? Screen/shadow dances? Jumping from the windows on the first floor? Bringing Ebuka in the box? Memorable concepts! I know there’s a level of restriction right now but you guys are creative enough to make it work. Do something that will be memorable for the next 10years. Overall, good job and why didn’t 3-500level dance sef?

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