How Blind People Changed The Way I see

Written by Tolu (Poish) Asimi 

Left class for the bank and right in front of the bank is this man with very big eyeballs and a walking stick. I wonder if he saw me because at the moment I passed by him, he surged back to life and asked for help. I doubted if he was talking to me because I wasn’t walking that close to him, but he was obviously talking to me.

 Should I answer or ignore? I reluctantly walk up to him and he asks if I’m going to Jaja and I say no I’m going to the bank. He goes on to tell me that he wants to get to Jaja and asks if I can lead him to d carpark so he can find his way from there. The annoying thing was that I was just coming from Jaja!!!!

Being the good girl that I am I take him. As I’m leading this guy, I can’t help but notice, he is soooo trusting. His steps matched mine and he was a very observant dude. He knew wen I slowed and quickened my pace. He took to my instructions very carefully and all I cld do was learn.

He was trusting, anybody cld have answered him, taken anywhere without his knowing but then of what use could a blind guy be to anyone right?

Active sense organs, I have cause to believe he sensed my presence and he didn’t even feel my breeze yet alone hear my footsteps or anything like that but he knew I was nearby (some daredevil things).

From the way he walked I could tell he felt people all around, I excused people, sometimes or slowed because he sensed someone or something I didn’t know. I’m not him but it was obvious that something weird was going on. I stay at the hostel on campus in UNILAG that’s were blind women like him are kept.

It’s quite scary to see al of them move around on their own without assistance. Some even sell things and they never make a mistake wen giving you what you wanted to buy as well as the accurate change. It makes me wonder if color has a texture we aren’t aware of cause we have neglected some other sense organ. Buh then I like what one of the blind people said to me when she was contesting for the Miss Moremi pageant last year.

She said, “I live in a world where light and dark don’t determine my night and day”. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Her world has no limitations just restrictions because she’s physically stuck in ours. But if you were to ask me, in her world time doesn’t really matter.


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