By Jaja Ibiwari 

 The lashes on what is now only a pulp flickered  

Her slender body laid in place within the space

She could feel her chest rise and fall but she couldn’t feel any pumping within

She had expected a piercing light but all she got was a scary darkness

She searched her brain for memories but only got the present

She tried to explore but was deplored deeper

Then she realized in this state, there was nothing but her being

Nothing could be felt or met because everything was nothing

She remembered wishing for this state of nothingness just minutes ago

She had a fight with her dad and got hit by his fist

She had tried to run away and start over with a new family

She tried to be her own James Bond but based on her present state,

 it seems like she ended up being James Brown

She didn’t want to leave this present state,

so quiet so void,

A state of nothingness and calm that surged through her body

Omg!! It hit her! The only void we can ever have is without form

She reached out to touch her legs and she felt her fingers slid through them

There was no form again, she was just void, just lifeless

Just dead. She didn’t wish for death, she just wanted everything to go away

Sometimes there is only one way to fufill a wish


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