I believe the way the church (and I’m referring to it in general terms) has come under needless and misguided attack in recent time is unbecoming. A generation in the middle of a dispensation driven by rights and freedom, seem to be okay with freedom of almost anything except murder and religion.

It’s becoming an unintentional crime to go to church, even worse is to tell people that you’re actually going to church. The response one gets nowadays is “Your pastor na thief oh!” I find it particularly annoying when I’m online and I come across articles assassinating the character of certain men of God (sometimes baselessly). More annoying is when the authors of such articles translate their hatred unto the innocent members of the church.

People are trying to impose their doubt in the existence of God on those who believe in God all the while castigating Christians on blogs and social media platforms for trying to do the reverse. They tell you that the Church blocks your ability to reason but when their backs are against the wall and all reason has come to a halt, they turn to the biggest nearest church they can find. Or offer a secret prayer under their breath.

Numerous times people have expressed their surprise after hearing me speak or reading something I wrote that I go to church (mostly with good intentions). But I cannot help but wonder why they are surprised? When the church becomes a place that is exclusive for gullible people with seemingly no future ambition? When did the church start representing everything that is wrong with the world as people are trying to paint it.

Do I believe churches are 100% right in their doctrine? No! Do I believe there are churches that take advantage of people? Most definitely! Do I believe some pastors are straight outta hell? Of course! Do I open my mouth to insult every damn church and pastor without having proof? No! Churches aren’t perfect institutions and Pastors aren’t perfect people.

The truth is that there are quite a number of rough edges that the church needs to smooth out, but nobody is going to be doing any smoothing at all when all people want to do is dig up an destroy the foundations of the church.

If you don’t believe in God, that’s fine, but don’t judge me because I believe in God and stop trying to justify yourself by blaming the church for initially judging you. 

Do you think the Church needs to be more progressive, that’s fine and good. Express yourself but don’t do it like the Church was the initiator of the corruption problem in Nigeria. Do you think some pastors should be locked up, that’s good, I too think so but gather your suspicions till you have tangible facts of criminal wrong doings. Do you think a lot of Christians need to take a class on commonsense. Me too! And that’s part of why I write here ever so often, but you don’t see me baselessly insulting someone’s father so people will think I’m an intellectual.

There are thousands of churches in virtually every city in Nigeria, I guarantee you that not every one is the criminal mastermind you wish they were. The same way that there are churches who don’t do things the ideal way, there are churches that use offerings to build and rehabilitate schools, there are pastors that pay fees for other people’s children despite not earning salaries from the church they pastor. There are “church-goers” who give more in a year than than some NGO’S do throughout their existence.

I’ll be praying for you…

Proudly Christain,



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