The Day My Roommate Almost Got Raped 

Sometime in 2009, I woke up to a lot of rancor in my room in the middle of the night. It was in school and we were about 20 in the room and I was just in JSS 3 in a room that had SS 3s so I didn’t really have the authority to demand to know what was going on especially since SS 2 students were ordering us back to sleep. I looked at the bunk opposite mine that belong to an SS 2 friend of mine but I couldn’t find him. It was rare for there to be a lot of noise at that time, usually someone had stolen something but this time it wasn’t going to be so. But let me tell you what happened before I woke up.

An SS 3 in the opposite room named Ade (possibly not his real name) woke up, or possibly he never fell asleep. He must have had this plan thought out, at least he thought he did. It was a simple in and out. He didn’t look around because it was unlikely anyone would be awake. He was more concerned at not alerting anyone to his movements. He tiptoed across the long room and was somehow able to open the squeaky door without waking anyone up. In another step he silently opened the door to my room. The door fully opened shields the length of the first bunk and so it is easy to locate the second because it becomes the first bunk after the door. He closes the door.

Ade moves towards the second bunk and is able to find what side of the bunk the head lies. David sleeps on the lower bed and this makes his work all too easy. He must just be careful to make sure the bunk doesn’t shake too loudly.

He pulls down his boxers and reveals a fully erected penis and then he climbs over on all fours David who is still sleeping soundly unaware he is about to be raped. Ade is centimeters away from David’s open mouth when the lights suddenly come on.

His heart is racing and he tries to jump of David but bangs his head on bunk which in turn wakes David up. Ade realizes he’s out of explanations because his boxers are not on him and he has no explanation. He’s starring at Emmanuel (possibly not his real name) and turns to look at a still disoriented David, before he can turn back to Emmanuel, he feels a large piece of flesh and bones imprinting on his face and the all night beating that eventually wakes me up is underway.

The school would eventually secretly expel Ade. The only reason I know it happened is because it happened in my room. In 2012 after a boy and a girl nearly have sex, the school would initiate gender martial law and segregation. Classes where divided into boys and girl sides, same for the dinning hall. In Church services, newly appointed chaplains would bind and cast every spirit of “boy-friending” and “girl-friending.” So more people secretly turn to homosexuality despite their homophobia because they haven’t been taught how to manage their hormones and libidos.


3 Replies to “The Day My Roommate Almost Got Raped ”

  1. The last paragraph could not be truer! This prudish behaviour emanating from our secondary schools has grave disadvantages. Someone needs to go to the management of Faith Academy and speak to them about the consequence of their behaviour!


  2. This is too real! By the way, this is your first piece i’m reading and i love how you’re pushing the boundaries. it could have really been an article but it’s really short story, right? i particularly enjoyed the concluding paragraph, i felt a strange Chimamanda vibe (like in the Headstrong Historian). Nice!


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