They told her, “ If a boy crosses your leg, you’ll get pregnant. Make sure you don’t allow any boy to cross your leg.” She came to class and was livid when a boy crossed her legs. She asks with grave vexation that he crosses back over her legs as if it will magically undo whatever he had done. She doesn’t know she just became pregnant with twins for making him cross twice.  
They told her, “Don’t hug a boy, bad things will happen.” So she doesn’t for many years, then one day she does hug a boy, and then another and then another. She’s still waiting for the bad things till this day.

In school they said,

Don’t share a sit with a boy,

Don’t allow a boy to hold your hands,

Don’t ever be alone with a boy,

Don’t date a boy but don’t be a lesbian either,

And she wonders whether while God was creating girls, the devil was creating boys. As she grows, she begins to understand where to put the limits with boys and not just the “don’t do’s” of a paranoid society and she begins to realize no one told her the real “don’t do’s” of boys. But that’s fine she thinks, it’s life, they probably told boys the same thing.

Then she enters University and they tell her

“Don’t go to the gym with boys, there’s boy time and there’s girl time.”


6 Replies to “DON’T LET A BOY…”

  1. “don’t do so-and-so with a boy” is what is making the world what it is. It’s actually very frustrating to make boys appear as people that will harm you once you hit puberty as a girl. It’s not bad to give advice to young girls so they can be careful, yeah, but the way people go to the point of restricting their relations with boys is ridiculous. Those restrictions are the things that spark curiosity, and make girls wonder what’s so special about boys that they can’t even touch them.
    Later when Adaobi gets pregnant they will say she is wayward, but really she just wanted to know.

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  2. Its quite sad that there are soo much restrictions on how much females are to relate to the males because of stupid reasons like pregnancy and rape..I mean, how about they teach the boys for a change on the evils of rape and early, unprotected sex, just so that this discipling goes both ways. And then the girl is taught to be more comfortable around fellow girls, but when she is introduced to homosexuality, she has an evil ancestor/witch following her from the village. Let’s spread the education, these restrictions only cause more harm than good. Its not healthy nor necessary. Every child should be taught discipline and made to understand what is right or wrong from as early as the age of three, if I’m allowed. Great work ugo.


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