What Makes Us Nigerians?

It’s not our ethnic groups or our state of origin nor is it our secret dislike for other ethnic groups. It’s not the Yoruba H-factor, the exaggerated pronounciation that rolls of Igbo tongues nor is it the  emphasis of P in Hausa speak. Edo wizardry and Ijebu greediness also aren’t what make us Nigerians. It’s certainly not just the green and white uniforms of the NYSC. There are smaller things in life that really make us Nigerians. 
The attention demanding scent of Akara in the morning and at night, that smell that causes us to momentarily pause and wish we had our hands deep within the oiled newspapers wrapped in nylon bags with some Yam and pepper to spice it up. 
The feeling of betrayal when the electricity goes out without any warning. It’s especially painful when it’s in the middle of our favorite shows and live events. I think that no matter how old and mature we get we also want to scream at NEPA as we suddenly remember all the gadgets we didn’t charge not to mention the feeling of euphoria we get when the electricity comes back on, the adrenaline rush as we move like juggernauts to do some thing worthwhile before the evil NEPA takes the light once more. 
We aren’t Nigerians because we swear alliegance to the flag when we sing the national anthem or recite the pledge. To be honest, many times we find ourselves unconsciously raining down insults  on the country in our hearts as anthem rages on. 
I would love to tell you that we are Nigerians because of our shared national history but since history has been taking out of our education curricula, we most definitely aren’t because of our history. 
We are Nigerians because no matter where we are in the world, once our feet makes contact with Nigerian soil (except Nigerian embassies of course) there is a feeling…well we are Nigerians just because we are Nigerians. Get used to it!


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