The Opportunity Cost For Happiness

Written By Seunla O.

Recently a thought has been popping through my mind and that is you cant have it all, or at least you cant have it all on a plain ground. You cant have the perfect girlfriend, spend time with her all the time, play games and have fun with friends always and be a first class student. You cant be that workaholic who works day and night and wont pay attention to actually living life until he has fulfilled that wish list like those goals to have a perfect good happy family.
We all saw what happened to Benny Hinn. I heard also of the story of one of the featured Men of God in the book Gods Generals how on his death bed he would trade every miracle that happened through him for a happy family. I know a couple of pastors who are on fire on the outside but their families are on fire!!
Then what is the end game ultimately? Is it all about financial independence? Look at it some people will hustle for first class but ultimately it would be the dullard of the class who gets the awesome job first, so what is the end game? Is it worth the stress? Or is it that feeling of achievement that we are striving for?
For me the end game is not how much money you have or how much of your wish list you fulfill, but being happy. Being your best and contented in every area of your life and not just stopping at yourself but planting these seeds into those around you.
Im just saying 


3 Replies to “The Opportunity Cost For Happiness”

  1. Wow if christian pastors were not happy because i believe only those in christianity can experience true joy then who has hope, probably only those sheiks in dubai.😜


    1. GreyWolf, happiness is a choice that has little or nothing to do with. Although Christianity promises happiness yet not all Christians are happy not because there promise is void but because a lot of Christians have refused to make the choice to rest in the peace of God and be happy.

      Nice article Seunla but, in the end only oene thing matters: not whether happy we are with our lives but whether God is happy with us.


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