When It Rains, Cars Drown


Written By Adora Igunma

I attend the AVMCC Youth Church (CYF), an Anglican church in Ikeja and we have this prayer conference programme we do at the beginning of the year and I decided to attend the programme for the first time ever. The programme was for Saturday, 20th June by 2pm. Before then I told my bestie to come pick me up from where I stay in Sabo-Yaba by 10am.

I left my aunt’s place in Surulere a few minutes to 9 and got to Sabo like past 9. I got there, did my makeup, ironed my dress and the waiting started. It started raining and I was getting impatient because I wanted to get to church on time (can’t make God wait).
I called my bestie and he said it’s been raining at where he stayed and he can’t come under the rain. I chilled and slept and woke up by 11am, listened to music, slept and woke up by 12:30pm. I called again and he said it’s still raining.

Ok oh, rain please stop, but noooo, it was like the more I begged the more it fell. 1:30, 1:45, the programme had started and bestie was still not here. I called again and he said except he comes under the rain and I’m like duh, are you walking from your house to where I am. I was so pissed and I thought of going on my own but then, I dint want to go under the rain.

I was so hungry because I hadn’t eaten. My bestie finally arrived like around 3. As the nice person that he is, he said we should stop at an eatery so I could eat. I couldn’t object cos I was really hungry. Almost 2 hours into prayer conference, I was eating…now I think of it, I should have objected because I left God stuff for something irrelevant (really not a wise decision).

Few minutes to 4 we were on our way to Ikeja and the driver saw traffic and wanted to take the faster route, the driver started screaming “yay yay yay!” My bestie asked what was it and the driver stupidly said nothing.

The car had started submerging inside the sea of brown water and I started feeling my legs getting wet and I looked down, lo and behold that sea was entering the car and smoke was coming out of the bonnet, my trouser was already soaked to my knee. The cab stopped and we had to come down to face the sea, with my load (because I was going home that day).

At this point, I was shaking because I had never experienced anything like that. My bestie had to remove his snickers (which were already soaked) to walk in the flood to help push the man’s cab. I had to walk on d high ground.
If you know Yaba tech or WAEC road, you would know the pavement with flowers, I had to squeeze myself to pass by that, before I came down and walked forward to a safe place. I was so…I don’t even know the word to use. That was the first time I experienced such. We got a ride to Maryland and took a cab and we finally got to church by 5 (3 hours into d prayer conference). Praise God it was still on and I got something from it. But the kind of cold wey do me ehhhn…kai!

I just concluded that that was my punishment from God for changing my priority. Yeah…I know it’s a long gist but I was told to write.


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