In The Future Parents Will Be…ABSENT


(The Picture isn’t mine)

A young girl, definitely not older than 12 years, walks up to the car window and starts pleading, “Please help me”, “Big brother please help me”. She goes on and on and on for like what seems forever.

Fortunately for her, I did have some money to give her, unfortunately for her I wasn’t going to give her. I looked at her with one of the coldest faces in my facial arsenal but that didn’t work.

After about five minutes it was she called reinforcements, the car was surrounded by 3 more children all begging for something, some in English and others in Hausa. As I look around the car I find the person I’ve been thinking about, the reason I won’t give these children any money, I find their mother or at least the mother of some of them.
She’s standing at the corner of the street, just behind the traffic light and ordering one child to go to a car and beg. My attention is also drawn to a man walking across the streets and telling another child not to follow him, the child looked to have been following him for some time now and the man seemed to be losing patience.
This was really becoming ridiculous, there were about 10 kids on this small but busy street, begging every car to death, while this one woman seemed to be pulling the strings of some of them.

I ask myself where their parents are. Maybe their parents are like this woman, hiding somewhere and giving orders, waiting for their children to come back bringing in the sheaves.

Irresponsible parenting is killing the world. I keep saying that the way things are going, my grandchildren will live in a world where it becomes uncommon for a child to live in a family where your two parents are still married and after your best interests.

Society has normalized baby mamas, celebrated it even. It’s a way for a parent to eat their cake and have it. Just keep pumping money into the baby mama and leave the child to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to do the actual parenting. Then when they hit puberty and all the teenage hormones hit the fan we wonder where we got it wrong.

I’m not against single parenting, after all my mother is a single parent but the fact is that true single parents, those who life unfairly tossed into that zone, know that single parenting isn’t the best way to go, even worse is when the other parent is alive and useless.

I’m against a group of irresponsible members of the Human race being allowed to have kids in the first place. Some animals are doing a better job than humans as far as parenting is concerned.

There was a time in school, I used to see two kids around the college buildings, it’s the same two kids I see every time. Sometimes they split up to cover more ground. They are begging for money around 9pm.

At first I used to give them money, but one day I called them and asked them where their parents where and imagine my surprise when they said “at home”. I gave them some money and walked off in anger. I suspect their parents were staff of the school, but of course I have no proof.  

To round of my Monday Morning bants. I’m pleading with anyone reading this today, whether actual parents or potential parents.
Let’s all be better parents. 


4 Replies to “In The Future Parents Will Be…ABSENT”

  1. I pray God gives us the grace to be good parents and provide for our kids, and keep us to see them become better parents than we would be.


  2. This is a big problem for me. i have thought and thought about this issue. i have had discussions with people who give the kids money as opposed to me who doesnt. This isnt just irresponsible parenting. It is Child abuse. i get so pissed with the mothers who just sit there and capitalise on the patheticness(if thats a word) of their children. I know life can be tough but its your responsibility as a parent not to bring a child into this world to suffer. yet those same people begging are the ones who have over 4 kids and counting…..which would bring me to the topic of contraception but that is talk for another day.


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