We are in church, worshiping the lord but unknown to me a man had been worshiping the lord and gazing at me. After the service ends, I am standing outside waiting for my mum who was performing some ministrations of greetings, when a man works up to me and grabs my hand.

He is looking at me in the eye as if he has something very personal to say. His grip is really tight and I would rather have my hand free. He asks me for my name and at first I am hesitant, because this is all just really awkward. I tell him my name hoping it would get him to leave my hand or at least say what he wants to say a little faster.

Suddenly he has this smile on his face that looks like the Cheshire cat in Alice in the wonderland. It’s also very uncomfortable when a man you don’t know walks up to you, holds your hand and starts smiling.

He spends the next few minutes telling me how handsome I am, how he likes my carriage and on and on. As if God saw the agony in my heart, my mum finishes her greeting ministry and comes to interrupt this “special moment”. She too is puzzled and although she doesn’t show it, she would ask me when we get to the car. Her response to the story was a deep “hmmmm”.

Anyway the man has never disturbed me with that smile again although we’ve met in church countless times, maybe I was a little paranoid that they at church and misread the whole thing or maybe he had a change of heart, only God knows what really happened but I would like to think I was a little bit paranoid. 



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