We live in a society where we see a lot of children suffering on the street and we go “O my God” to the point of tears but that is how far we can help. Many of us discuss ideas but very few of us have actually taken action. Wadi Ben-Hirki is one of the few people who have taken action. On the 13th June 2015 she launched her foundation for the less privileged; Wadi Ben-Hirki foundation.IMG_3661
Even though Wadi is a very young girl, she is absolutely devoted to putting a smile on the faces of less privileged children. She is a passionate humanitarian who has decided to engage selflessly in charitable activities. In her own words,_MG_3468
“You don’t have to give birth to be a mother; every child is your child
I always wondered why I go to concerts and I see huge crowds but the number reduces when it comes to donations”_MG_3499_MG_3591
She believes that every child has the right to learn, and that access to education transforms the lives of children and their families which is why she set up this organization with the objective;
“To harness and focus the potentials of the less privileged towards skills acquisition for the social and economic growth and development of Nigeria and Africa as a whole”._MG_3629
She has already visited two orphanage homes in Abuja and one in Kaduna. She is making plans to make another trip to Adamawa to visit the internally displaced children over there and other places in Nigeria. During her visit to one of the orphanage homes in Abuja, she met 6 orphan boys who were siblings. The oldest among them is 13 years old and he is the father and mother of his 5 siblings. After listening to their story, and Looking into the eyes of this young boy and his siblings Wadi could not help how much interest she took in them. It became more of a big deal to her._MG_3640
“I want to help these children because I believe they have a great future and I believe everybody can help someone”_MG_3585
Let us help Wadi offer the less privileged children a better life. It is time to support those who have taken action._MG_3512#everychildisyourchild_MG_3600
For enquiries/support/sponsorship
Please call 0909 397 7694, 0803 599 5868
Email: wadibenhirki@gmail.com


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