The implication of Sepp Blatter’s resignation from FIFA

It came as a very big shocker on Tuesday when Sepp Blatter who was just re-elected as the president of FIFA for a 5th term resigned. It left the whole football community & the world at large in shock. The reasons he cited for his resignation centred around leaving for the greater good of the game and as a result of his actions there are major implications.
The first major implication is that the new president is expected to look into the various corruption allegations against past FIFA officials like Jack Warner and the present ones to see if there was any misappropriation of funds or stealing of public funds the way he deals with is the issue as the eyes of the world are waiting to see if he is strong enough to punish the high ranking FIFA officials and not forgetting UEFA
Another major implication is that there is expected to be a review of the Michael Garcia report on the Qatar 2022 World Cup where it was alleged that Qatar bribed some officials to vote for them and even the Russia 2018 World Cup has been accused of some lobbying where officials are bribed. A full scale investigation will be made on this.
Will  FIFA become a place where other confederations like Caf, AFC will be relegated to the background. Remeber most African and Asian countries voted for Blatter the major factor stating the fact that he brought the World Cup to both continents and not only that brought about developments in the game of football through FIFA projects like the FIFA goal project. The new president might not be that affiliated to this confederations.


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