The Crying Baby Vs. The Angry Church 

Sister Chorister climbs the altar to give her testimony, a testimony she has waited for almost a week to share with the brethren of God. “Praise the lord, I want to thank God for…” She starts. 
Before she can go any further a baby from the back of the church bursts out in screams.  “UWEEEEH!!! UWEEEEH!!!” 
Her mother rushes to try and stop her baby from causing a scene. She’s too late, the whole church has stopped dead in its tracks and is looking angrily for the baby as if to give her some spiritual discipline. From the Wrinkled faces of deacons and elders to even sister Chorister who has stopped sharing her testimony so as not to add more decibels to the atmosphere. 
Make no mistake, this baby means business. At this point her mother is wishing she spoke fluent baby babble or at least her baby had started speaking, I know because from where I’m sitting I can see the anxiety on her face. 
As suddenly as the baby started crying, and to the relief of sister chorister who has been momentarily forgotten on the altar, the baby stops crying. 
I take a last quick scan at the angry faces as they turn towards the front of the church and I can’t help but smile. I don’t know why I smiled but I just do. Babies tend to make us smile after all. 

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