Punch Lines From American Rappers 

Compiled By Philip Ettedem 

She say love is for free
But expensive to shop

My city threw me in the game
I threw up numbers like an auction 
Big Sean

A nigga wanted to be a boxer 
But he was boxed in 
The Game

Back to the Wall 
Never let them get behind us
Meek mill

Like a penny with a hole in it
We as empty as a cortisone of a widow

To be living 
Doesn’t mean you are alive
Nicki Minaj

I know the future is a gift
Even though this is the present

Am not a Facebook status 
So u don’t have to like me
Wiz Khalifa

U have one chance to make it
Bcos in lyf u do not press rewind

So ahead of my time
Even when I will be thinking about the future
I will be reminiscing 
J Cole

I have an appetite for disaster 
U ar just a small fry
Jay Z

If u don’t understand me 
U have to stand under me
Lil Wayne

No fly zone
Nigga am the flyest
Rick Ross

The game needed life 
I put my heart into it


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