UgoTalks To Azõm Designs


1. Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Ngohire Azoom, creative director and founder of azõm, a creative design startup. I’m an aspiring designer and student of architecture. I’m an art enthusiast and inspiration junkie.




2. How did you fall in love with Photography and Makeup?

I’ve been into the arts since I was little. In my quest for inspiration in other fields of art I practice, the images I came across always had me captivated. These images stirred up so many ideas, emotions, and thoughts. That quality was something I also wanted to achieve and master with my art. 



3. What were the earliest days like for Azõm Makeup and Photography?

azõm’s earliest days, were sketch books, crayons and pencils, photography and makeup weren’t even in the picture, I started off making greeting cards and bespoke clothing, but everything was all just a bunch of ideas I’d draw down or write about. When I did eventually start taking make-up and photography practically, the results were rough, but you could always identify the idea behind the finished work.



4. How do you balance a backbreaking course like Architecture with the lights and cameras of Makeup and Photography?

On this journey, like any before me, I have learnt a lot. I must say it hasn’t been easy, especially because I’m a designer that needs time. So, I work with the time I have to do what needs to be done.


5. You’re in the business of beautification, what’s your perception of beauty?

I wouldn’t say beautification; for I believe every entity in itself created by God is beautiful. Instead I like to see it as a creation or re-creation process. However, my perception of beauty is attractive, whether physical or not, whether flawed or not, if it draws my attention it is beautiful. beauty is detail, all the minute things that make up a whole being and sets it apart from others make it beautiful.



6. As an architect, makeup artist and photographer there are few things as important as inspiration, what would you say is or are your banks of inspiration?

The internet, I’m always shopping for inspiration, looking for what people are thinking, feeling, saying or doing. I have characters in my mind that have been around for a very long while whose persona and beliefs inspire me too. My vision, I look to my future to see what I should be doing now. 



7. What are your most memorable achievements as an architect, photographer and makeup artist?

Being recognized to whatever magnitude by professionals in the industries has been memorable. Just being able to improve and level up on my skill, is also something always worth remembering for me, 



8. Where do you see azõm makeup and photography in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see azõm as a growing firm that has expanded and is still expanding gradualy into the diverse fields of art. I see azõm thriving as a design brand in the global market with a few notable projects to show for, but you never know with the kind of development going on in technology, we could be there in 5.



9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself in Lagos, precisely Eko Atlantic  running the head Quarters of my firm. I should be a registered architect by then and welpast mastering design. I see myself working with my alumni association on very exciting projects and a mom.

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