5 Reasons Nigerians Won’t Forget Goodluck Jonathan 

1.  He Had No Shoes.
Goodluck Jonathan stole Nigerians hearts in 2011 with what was one of the most creative and persuasive electoral campaigns in Nigerias democratic history. Nigerians will never forget hearing “I had no shoes”, “I had no food to eat” and “I was a fisher boy.” Jonathan would be later criticized for trying to make sure all Nigerians suffer and go without shoes since he discovered them in Aso Rock. Regardless of a mediocre time as president at the very least, Jonathan will always be our president who had no shoes. 
2. Dame Parience Jonathan.
Nigerians will never ever have another First Lady like mama peace. The woman is a gem. She served more effectively as a comic relief to Jonathan’s administration than as the First Lady which is actually not as bad as it sounds, okay maybe it is a little. 
From “My fellow widows” to “Dere is God!” Or even her campaign “born throwaway” slogan She kept breaking national YouTube records and giving her speech writers and PR team countless heart attacks. Some people are of the opinion that she was the real brain behind Jonathan’s rapid rise to the apex office of the land, revealing a more tactical mind that was portrayed in the media. Other less candid people just wish Jonathan brought someone else to Aso Rock. Regardless of  what you think of Mr, Jonathan we will definitely miss his wife.
3. Strike 1 Strike 2 and Strike 3!
The Goodluck Jonathan administration definitely saw the most strikes and protests in a democratically elected government in Nigerias history. Whether it’s ASUU’s 6 month strike, Doctors strike or oil marketers grinding life to a very sudden hault, Nigerians in typical fashion always found a way to suffer and smile especially at the presidential elections when they smile-fully voted him out. History will hold Mr. Jonathan’s democratic government up there with military dictators for having one of the highest cases of civil action.
4. #WhereisOurPresident?
Mr. Jonathan’s unnecessary silence at crucial times ultimately cost him his chair at Aso Rock. It’s still quite baffling as to why a president would alsways go radio silent in the midst of all his country’s tumultuous periods. From the abduction of the Chibok girls (who have still not been found), to the deadly fuel and energy crisis a few days to the end of his tenure and almost every scandal in between Mr. Jonathan would rather not talk or talk about everything else except the issue at hand. If Nigerians were lucky to get a reaction out of their commander in chief, it usually wasn’t a reasuring one and this left Nigerians feeling a little bit neglected and like the country was on auto pilot. 
Mr. Jonathan also had one of the worst PR. teams in Nigerian political history which was a far cry from his 2011 electoral campaign. His media spokespeople usually ended up making matters worse. In fact much of the running of the country has been credited to the Senate President, David Mark and Minister of the Economy, Okonjo-Iweala.
5. My Ambition is Not worth The Blood.
If there is one thing that no Nigerian can discredit about Jonathan’s time in office it was his shocking acceptance of defeat at the end of the elections. It was unprecedented and definitely saved a lot of bloodshed and is really in many ways the most positive impact of Mr. Jonathan’s time in office. 
Regardless of the different views of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, we wish him the best in his future endeavors and Nigerians will definitely put Jonathan as one of the most talked about presidents. 

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