Can You Stand Being Different?

I have a red haired friend, let’s call him Bros. Having bright red hair in the midst of a sea of black hair is in itself a definition of different. He told me that there was a time he used to dye his hair black just to avoid all the attention but now he really doesn’t care. He’s not an attention seeker but he likes how his hair gives people something to remember about him at the very least.
 Bros hair colour isn’t the only thing different about him, many times whenever some friends are discussing Bros would side with the minority or serve as a moderator which is not a traditional position when a group of students of politics are thrashing issues. What happens is that many times the arguments or debates or whatever sublimely become about trying to convince Bros to see your point of view. 

But enough about my friend Bros. Can you stand to be different like Bros? Can you forgive yourself if your views are a little contradistintive and if your dreams and passions make you a little divergent? Can you walk with your head high if you and the rest of the society are not isomorphic?
As humans we tend to always follow the instructions and directions of society and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a little normal but when society that neither helps pay your rent nor your salary for that matter begins to dictate how you live every second of your life then you have a real problem. 
Research shows that the many of the successful people in the world today and in history are in many ways analogous. Part of those similarities they share is that they have many unsimilarities with the rest of society. Many of them make sure they read something every morning to awaken their brain, they have routines and systems to bring out their creativity and innovations. So what happens is that you see and hear people advocating for you to read the biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of these successful people to unravel what made or continues to make them tick. 
Being Different isn’t about being an attention seeker or a public nuisance in fact people that are different aren’t always keen on letting you know they are but they won’t hide it either. Being different isn’t about having the loudest voice in the room, like my friend Bros, sometimes it’s the ability to see what others don’t see- to see the other side of the coin. Being different isn’t always about being a rebel, but it is about buckling your foot to the ground of your convictions. 
Being different is speaking against injustice when people just want to keep quiet and move on, it’s daring to think and do when everyone wants to be a robot. It’s being smart and creative, being different should be being normal. 

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