When You Can’t Have Both: Money Or Happiness?

Would you take a job you absolutely hate but pays N1 Million or a job you love that pays N500,000? How about if the N500,000 salary job you love was N250,000 or even N100,00. Would you pick it over the N1 Million salary? Ask yourself how long it would take you to regret your decision whichever way you pick. Would you consider resigning the choice you picked if the other offer was still on the table?
How important is money to you? If you could pick either money or happiness, which would it be? There’s a saying that money can’t buy happiness, but remember happiness can’t buy what money can. Money cannot get you gleefully out of the bed each morning but happiness cannot feed your family. Money cannot give you peace of mind, but happiness cannot give you physical comfort. A happy man without a roof over his head will take a house in Banana Island any day, anytime. 
This isn’t a dilemma for people who make a lot of money doing what they love. They are so few in the world that the average person often has to settle for one or reach some sort of mental compromise. Research shows financial happiness  is an inverted ‘U’ curve where maximum financial happiness is around N1.2 Million. Any more than that will see diminishing returns but many times what we love to do and what gives us the most money don’t always align and so following what we love to do brings us nothing near our maximum financial happiness and we become what Fela calls “Suffering and smiling.” Inversely following the money makes us people who enjoy yet frown.
This I believe, is partly why there are a lot of entrepreneurs today. A lot of people really just want to do what they love or at the very least are simply interested in but I digress. 
I don’t believe man was initially designed to do just one thing- to have just one job or description. I believe God forsaw this dilemma and gave man a workable system in the Garden of Eden. In Eden (Gen 2:11-14), He created four sources of rewards/income for Adam, four rivers. Adam possibly preferred one over the other three. The four rivers didn’t pay Adam the same salary, While others where had elaborate salary bonuses like Pishon with gold and onyx benefits, Gihon covered large Ethiopian lands, Hiddekel was going somewhere and Euphrates was just there. 
My point is Adam would have had to pick between salary and happiness had he not had multiple streams of income. 
In reality, it’s a lot harder to get multiple jobs, but who says it has to be a job. Keep doing what you love to do even if it’s at the lowest level of being a hobby. Something to give you joy after your 9-5 has made you suicidal. You could also take up part time jobs and investment opportunities to supplement your income while you keep getting paid to do what you love. 
You will be busy and flabbergasted but you will be making happy money. Never give up on your dream but know your dream needs money to survive. 

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