Keep Moving: The Derek Redmond Story 

In 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Derek Redmond the British 400 meters champion would be hoping to add another medal to his collection after all he is one of the favorites. He made his way to the semi-finals, just one more race to the final. As he steps onto the track, looking at the crowd, his father is somewhere in the stands supporting him. Derek intends to make him proud, they’ve worked too hard. 
As the race comes to an end, 250 meters away from the finish line, tragedy happens when Redmond spirals down to the floor only after a few meters. He is gripping his leg and gasping in pain. He just tore his hamstring. He’s in excruciating pain but he stumbles back to his feet and, one arm on his leg as if to use it as a pivot. By now the entire race is far ahead of him, even if his hamstring wasn’t torn, he would be finish last by a long stretch. 
Redmond keeps moving, one limp at a time, the stadium is on its feet as if be holding a new world record being broken, it’s in complete awe. 
It goes even crazier as Derek Redmonds father bullies his way through the crowds and the barricades, security personnel and media. He is a juggernaut running in the direction of his son. He gets to his son swings one of his hands over his shoulder and helps his son through the last 100 meters. 
Derek Redmond reminds me to keep moving, to keep pressing, to not be discouraged. I’m reminded that We may finished battered and bruised but at least we finished our race, we achieved our dreams and there’s no greater joy than to fulfill your dream. 

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