This Fuel Scarcity Is Unacceptable

My friend tells me that she waited for nearly an hour at a Lagos bus stop to find a bus or even a taxi headed to where she was going. If you live in Lagos this would come as a surprise because Lagos middle name is traffic; someone close by is always going somewhere you are headed. Personally I have been running my generator strictly between 7pm and 10pm because we are micromanaging fuel. For millions more in Lagos they wait hours on queues to buy petrol for their cars and if and when their vehicles make it to the pump, the price is a pure ripoff. 

Honestly I could care less about why there is fuel scarcity. Maybe someone is on strike for whatever benevolent or selfish reasons, maybe someone in Abuja is trying to make life hard for the incoming administration, to me it’s unimportant. 

Crude oil is a natural resource, a geographic lottery that Nigerian won of no merit of her own. Furthermore it is right under the feet of Nigerians. It ought to be readily available even in the middle of the night. But because someone wants to grow a potbelly we must suffer. 

This is Unacceptable!


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