How Celebrity Endorsements Are Destroying Cell Reception 

Disclaimer: This is purely my opinion not necessarily based on empirical facts.
Today, MTN endorses Mr. Club Music, tomorrow Glo endorses Mr. Calm Music, the day after that Airtel endorses Miss up and coming music and the day after Etisalat re-signs Banky W. From the point of view of the musicians, I have no problem with them getting acknowledged for their hardwork or at the very least the hardwork of their amazing producers especially considering our haphazard entertainment system, although it is slowly evolving. 


The telecommunications companies on the other hand seem to have sacrificed quality service for celebrity endorsements. Globacom and MTN especially  appear to be in constant competition to sign the most main stream artists from Wizkid to Waje, Davido to Bez. 
Coincidentally, as more brand ambassadors came on board the worse these networks became. MTN’s network suffers from epilepsy in my house. My village still has relatively poor cell reception and browsing with MTN is still slow a lot of times, 

in short network is bad!

 Then suddenly you hear the NCC defending these networks and blaming it on taxes and lack of electricity instead of doing its job to regulate service as if any industry has electricity 


Perhaps what baffles me is whether all these endorsements are worthwhile. Do people really buy telecoms networks because of the celebrities or are those adverts nothing more than a reminder of their existence and an information desk? I personally have only met one person who bought a line because of the celebrity brand ambassador, ironically the person told me a few weeks later he wanted to move to another line. 
I personally don’t think Nigerians and humans care about brand ambassadors as much as quality and although the two meet at some point in marketing quality should always take precedence after all St. Louis Sugar still downs advertise. 
This is just my rambling anyway, get on with your phone calls. 

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