A Sour End

They say press on, 
Stay the course till you finish the race, 
It’s always happy at the end.
We finished the race,
Flabbergasted, yes, tired, 
Exhausted and confused, 
It seemed we had pulled out all we had, 
The very depth of our souls had been emptied, 
We were disjointed and barely functioning, 
The joy promised at the end now seemed overrated,
Perhaps we took the slave route,
But no it doesn’t appear so, 
No! Our journey was well travelled,
It had to have been.
But as we stand at the finish line, 
Everyone stares at us,
Their faces aghast 
For we look like we might disintergrate,
But we crack a smile form the corners of our mouths
Because although the journey was troubled 
We know in our hearts it was worth it, 
And we would do it all over again, 
For the reasons so close to our hearts  

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