Why I Don’t Want to be a Politician


Sometimes I don’t think people often understand how complicated politics really is, especially young people who want to enter into politics. 

Politicians aren’t allow to do the best things they possibly can, they are tied down by promises they made to the public who voted for them and the private who funded and supported them and most times those promises aren’t compatible. So what happens is that the politician ends up between the devil of his political Godfathers and the deep sea of the masses and of course being human the politician wants a second term and another political office or appointment, not to mention that the Godfathers have enough resources to make sure the remainder of his/her stay in office is miserable so its the most logical thing to side with the Godfathers and political influencers. 

All this is aside from the possibility that the politicians strategies could be horrible and incorrect. Plain simple the politician may not always have the right answers or the smartest solutions and sometimes situations are simply in nobodys control. 

Take Mr. Jonathan for example, I still believe that he entered office in 2011 with the best of intentions and somewhere early on along the line he got swept under the carpet by political influencers. I also believe that he was simply not the most capable person to have been put in office. His advisors were terrible, it’s like they were working for the opposition.

All these aside from the bureaucracies of official life, and the possibility that everyone is corrupt except you, as we were told happened during Shagari’s time. Although if that is the case no one knows.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t aspire to be politicians or anytbing like that, all I’m saying is that if you really want to do good and make the most of your time in office making policies for national gains you need to start preparing yourself on how to deal with all these crisis of conscience and undue influence. It’s that simple.


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