For Every Loss 

For every loss there is pain,
A pain that reaches deep down inside,
That brings up parts of us we didn’t know existed, 
Sometimes it’s a good thing, other times it’s not. 
 For every loss there is a question
We question everything thing we thought we knew,
We question if we were mistaken to assume that life worked the way it did,
We question our trust, our belief and our faith, 
For every loss there is a pause, 
A pause to the rotation of our world, 
A lull in the conversation,
When we ask ourselves,
What, why, how!
But for every loss we must continue, 
We must march on, 
press forward,
Stand strong and be tall,
Hold our heads high and fight on,
Although the world will pause, it will never stop for every loss, 
But most importantly,
For every loss, there’s a gain,
Something new to live for, 
Someone new born into the world, 
Someone somewhere that needs your help,
For loss, you may shed a tear,
But you must wipe it off,
Yes you must; for every loss

13 Replies to “For Every Loss ”

  1. I saw this movie last night and this guy killed himself because he felt he was worthless and his best friend (who he jumped in front of a moving vehicle for) stopped hanging out with him because the popular people now liked him. Basically, from freshman year all the way till senior year, not one person acknowleged his existence except his mum and God, obviously. So, this boy killed himself in school after writing a suicide note on his blog. He died. No one cared. No one attended his funeral except his best friend from 6th grade. Jake was miserable for his death and couldn’t keep up with that kind of life. The guilt, hurt and pain of losing Roger sent him on a self discovery mission. Jake encountered God simply because someone spoke up, he lost his old, few friends. Gained a whole lot more friends. Jake became a better person and saw that there was so much more to live for. Many lives were changed because of Jake. Most importantly, he was able to save millions of other teenagers who were suffering from depression, loneliness and worthless feelings, Jake made an indelible mark before graduating from High School, and it essentially began with the death of a true friend. So yes, there may be situations that cause a man to lose both physical prosperity and spiritual prosperity but odds are, such situations occur one to a million (exaggeration much) but you understand what I mean.


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