#UgoTalks To Teejay Collections 

I had the opportunity of interviewing the owner of Teejay’s Collections, Tejiri Omologe. We talked about things from her business to beauty. Here’s excerpts from the interview. 


Tejiri Omologe

Ugo: I think the most basic question is, What inspired you to start Teejay’s Colections?

TJ: I’ve always been in the creatives, I used to draw when I was younger, but it died somewhere along the line, but I had a very long holiday once, with a lot of time on my hands and nowhere to work. Actually, I was working for a lawyer who was always traveling. I first did a 7 step bead one day and then my friend saw it and told me her Aunty wanted to make beads, then my sisters started encouraging me along with Chidinma Enebeli who now works as my manager. 


Ugo: Ive seen some of your works and they are really beautiful, where would you say your inspiration for theses works come from.

Tj: First from God. Also, the occasion (s) people intend to use it for, the colour preferences of the person, the colour combinations for the occasion and things like that. 

Ugo: Still talking on beauty, what is beauty to you?

TJ: Any finished work that came out the way or close to the way it was intended is beautiful.

Ugo: Where do you see yourself as well as Teejay’s Collection in the next five years?

TJ: Well, I’m still pursuing an international career along side Teejay’s Collection, but in the next five years, I hope it’s an international name and a source of inspiration to many people in Nigeria that you can do anything because the Nigerian economy is so poor.  


Ugo: Who are some of your mentors when it comes to bead making? 

TJ: Well, Ufoma Omologe and my sisters in general. 

Ugo: It’s interesting you mentioned family, I’ve heard family and friends are really important to you why is that?

TJ: Family and friends give support that no one else can, if I don’t have their support on things I want to do I always think twice. For me, family and friends go hand in hand. 


TO ORDER FROM TJ’S COLLECTION email us at tejiri.omologe@gmail.com,
call or Sms 08024939752 08072514728
Or on Instagram Or 559EA5D1 on BBM


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