Imagine An Africa

Imagine an Africa quite different from this one
Not in shape, size of form but more like the flip side of a coin
Imagine an Africa that’s not a winner of geographic lottery, 
one not described as rich in natural resources but also in homemade products,
Where we eat the fruits of our labour and not just of our imports
Where we are an aid giver not the regular receiver 
Imagine an Africa where woman are equals 
not ornaments men display at home 
Or tools for sexual satisfaction 
An Africa Where everyone is allowed to go to school 
And become who they choose without fear of perdition for not following the norm
But lest I stray too far
Imagine a simple Africa, 
Imagine an Africa with uninterrupted power supply,
Free health care and high quality education,
Not to mention jobs waiting for those who are ready and able
An Africa, Not beguiled by greed or power or strangled in conflicts and wars 
Imagine an Africa with an African dream
A dream for anyone and everyone born anywhere on this continent 
To be able to achieve any dream on this continent 
Because everything they need is right here, ready an available
A dream so storng that Africans all over the world identify 
That this is the greatest continent in the world.
So just for a minute 
Imagine, a New Africa. 

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