Are You In Love With Nigeria?

Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever!
1 Cor 13:8
I was listening to three people have a conversation some time ago although they were really loud and annoying there wasn’t a need to eavesdrop. 
Two of them talked about how if they became the Nigerian president one day, they would either tell all thier cabinet members to steal as much as they could or they wouldn’t stop them. At this point the third person rejoined the conversation querying the two of them. He told them that what they wanted to do was the reason why this country was not moving forward because everyone wanted to steal money and nobody cared about the ordinary man on the street. I wished I could support the third person, but by the time he was done talking his argument sounded so immature and weak compared to the “lets steal money” argument that I just minded my business. It wasn’t weak because of the way the person spoke but because he was speaking against the norm of society. 
Lest I forget the scripture above and its relation to my story. I think whenever people hear scriptures on love they usually zoom into one of two things either the love for God or the love of God for men everywhere. I believe whenever the bible talks about love it talks about these two things and they are inseparable and equally important. 
There something so powerful about love, it’s not always the mushy, romantic words you tell your spouse, it’s the will to discipline your child becaus you want the best, the sincerity to tell people the honest truth and not lie to their face, it’s the sacrifices we make to keep people happy, love is what we give when we have nothing to give. 
Humanity has known no greater force than love. Love carries out transactions through its subsidiaries like passion. Passionate people or people full of deep love for a cause have repeatedly been the men that changed the world. People like  Maryin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Paul Rusesabangida even Steve Jobs changed the world because of the love they had, they couldn’t be stopped even in death. 
Love a weapon a powerful tool of governance. You can’t govern a people you don’t have an emotional connection with. You can’t keep a job or lead an organization you don’t have passion for. We need someone who sees Nigeria as an extension of his or her family and will take national issues personal. 
We need a man or woman that loves this country. Someone that will give Nigerians some good loving. We need an actual Nigerian, not someone bound by ethnic and religious shackles but someone that is first and foremost a Nigerian. We need someone more interested in the 170 million Nigerians than him or herself. 
We need some Love, some real good loving. 
So I ask Mst, Mr, Mrs. Or Miss, are you in love with Nigeria?

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5 Replies to “Are You In Love With Nigeria?”

  1. Yes yes I love Nigeria, I think a vast number of the population do as evident in the past election. Problem is the need to make wealth far exceeds the love. If we can stabilize the economy in a way that it becomes useful to all, then the money mongering will possibly end.

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