I Am Nigerian 

Written By Damola Arogundade

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything, and then all of a sudden I had this craving to put something down. The issue of tribalism has been something that has been making waves, much more with the Oba’s speech. This topic gets to me a whole lot and maybe that’s because I’ve been a victim of tribalism a couple of times. My opinion on this is that we all have to reset our mindsets and stop basking on the weaknesses of other tribes to think that our tribe is better than theirs. 

We need to let go of the resentment our forefathers passed on to us. We have to understand that we are one nation, one people irrespective of our tribal differences. if we continue to let this cankerworm called tribalism continually eat deep into our nation, then we are sure walking towards doomsday. We need to understand that we can’t function properly without each other, just imagine what Nigeria will be like without our forever industrious Ibo brothers, or our very highly dedicated Hausa brothers, or our very innovative yoruba men?! The north literally feeds this country, the best schools are in the west, the easterns are at the bedrock of most of our indigenous businesses. The westerns are too interested in education that they forget that we can’t eat books but we do not have to bother about that because we have the north to supply us with food

The ibos are engrossed in building their businesses that they forget that the world is fast moving forward, but need not to worry because the good schools in the west will help equip thier wards with bright and innovative ideas that will help take the parents businesses to the next level. We need to get it into our heads that first of all we are Nigerians, our tribe comes second. 

It’s only in our nation that we see ourselves as Igbos, yorubas or hausas, once we step out of this country, we are simply identified as a Nigerian and not an Ibo or hausa woman. Our diversity in culture is what makes us unique, why can’t we all embrace each others differences and come together to help build this beautiful country called Nigeria and make this nation once more flow with milk and honey. 

I’m Arogundade Adedamola and I’m Nigerian.

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