#UgoTalks Xenophobia

This Xenophobic reaction in my opinion is just stupid. There has to be an elevated level of ineptitude for foreigners to come into your country and rip jobs From your hands and its either that or your government and business owners just consider you unemployable for no reason.
South Africa’s problem is more inward than outward and they’ve killed so many innocent foreigners and would suffer no repercussions because African leaders are just plain lazy and lackadaisical  in matters not concerned with money. 
It’s either South African blacks need a reeducation on job interview skills, work ethics and maybe entrepreneurship or they just need to put pressure on their government to put in place policies that stop foreigners from “stealing their jobs”.
Get over it foreigners take jobs in everyone’s country. If you ask me I wouldn’t mind exchanging less Chinesse workers for more Nigerians in the work place, but you don’t see me advocating for anyone’s slaughter. Get over it and stop being a baby!
Someone recently equated what Nigeria did with the Ghana must go incident and what some criminal elements in South Africa are doing and while intent may have been the same (get foreigners out) Nigerians weren’t killing anyone, add that to the fact that all African states fought tooth and nail for South Africa and plain simply…this is 2015!
It’s funny, how I’m complaining that the economy and job market of my country is driven by South African media and communication firms and South African blacks are complaining foreigners are taking their jobs. 
I would like to say let Nigerians boycott DSTV in protest, aside the fact that Nigerians would bear the brunt of the boycott, Star Times won’t just meet my entertainment needs and boy do I love my entertainment. Same goes for MTN, I would really love to rule my world with Glo ambassadors but…well…MTN just works better (that’s up for debate anyway). 
Honestly, I do appreciate all the South Africans that came out to stand against this, nothing and justifies this senseless taking of human life. 

2 Replies to “#UgoTalks Xenophobia”

  1. When “BLACKS” start killing blacks… I think sensibility has change hands.. All this justifications for their mini war of salvation… are more sensual and emotional than they are moralistic and sensible……… how could this kind of things happen in the 21st century….. It is cruelly laughable……


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