Why You Should Develop Your Talents 

Math was not particularly my favorite subject. Till this day I avoid situations that require me to produce my little knowledge of math. As a matter of fact, the only subjects I failed from primary to  secondary school has been math. The only thing I failed more than math in secondary school was Nigerian Languages but that’s another story. 

My Mathematical skills are not exactly 100% useless. I’m fairly conversant with basic arithmetic and algebra. Hence I’m fairly confident in my multiplication skills. I do know the for a fact 0 x 500,000 = 0. I also know that 2 x 2 = 4. I’m also very aware that anything that is multiplied by zero ends up becoming a zero. 
In the Book of Genesis 1:28, is recorded the first ever time math met humanity. It says 
“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it”
There is a system to mans operations on the earth that despite my aversion to math I have to take very seriously. Man was blessed with what I believe where gifts and talents. He told Adam to be fruitful with these gifts and talents. That means he told Adam to develop and use these blessings that he had been given. Then he told Adam to multiply. 
Even in scripture there is a divine logic as to why zero cannot multiply and produce anything other than a zero. It’s because zero is empty. Zero has no gifts, it has no talents and as a rule zero is a generalized because anything multiplied by zero is zero. So Zero is looked at by all the numbers, those greater and those lesser as being worthless. It’s a nusiance and makes no contributions to the progress of the numerical society. Simply because zero has nothing to offer. 
Talents get you inside doors qualifications gets you into queues. Talented people are always different. Talented people are always special. The only human more attractive than a talented person is a talented person who knows he is talented and has got some skills added to the talents. 
I personally believe every single talent in every single person is meant to serve an important function at a life changing moment. I remember how my sister got admission to school because she could dance. She was at my schools Christmas party and she came out to dance, she impressed the headmistress so much that she admitted her on the spot. For some odd reason today, she seldom dances. 
Today in Nigeria we have a society of confused talent. People follow the trends and the money and not what they are good at. So we have musicians with no clue what they are doing (thank God for amazing music producers) that can’t even perform live (yet people pay thousands of naira to watch them lip sync). We have authors who think since Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinkaya and Chimamanda Adichie made a lot of money writing “I can do that”, but really they shouldn’t be anywhere near a paper and pen. 
We have failed business because some people in business have no business instinct. They look at the money while people with that killer instinct have their eyes on all over the place especially opportunities, people’s needs and current market products. We have communications experts that cannot even clearly communicate their minds to their spouses. We just have a half hazard talent pool. (I choose not to talk about the dearth of talent in the bulk of Nollywood movies).
I guess my message to you is simple. Don’t be a zero. Multiply your talent till it produces minted notes if that’s what you want, multiply your gifts till it changes a life. Do yourself a favour and multiply.

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