I’m Dear Akpo, Let’s All Be Tribalist

In this letter, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 
Sometimes I think black people are cause so much trouble in the world, that maybe it would be better off without them. But I remember I’m black, world wars were stated by white folks and black folks couldn’t cause as much damage as white folks even if we tried. So I delete the thought.
Other times, I think Hausa’s are dragging this country behind, after all they have all the population, they’ve been in leadership more times than any tribe and their elite still have more influence. I would like to think that they are just the beggars and Malams on the streets and nothing more. Then I remember my friends Hadassah, Mibwala, Julia and Aliyu who are some of the smartest, selfless and creative people I know. Then I think “Hausa’s aren’t half bad”. I remember the Jega’s of this world and I remember the saying that nothing beats an educated Hausa man. So I delete the thought. 
I most definitely think Yoruba’s are superficial, too loud, and don’t have courage to back up their words. I also must have thought that they are dirty. But I remember my friends Winner, who is perhaps the most organized, deep and quiet person I know, I think of Tosin who despite being a girl is one of the most courageous people in words and deed (you don’t want to cross Tosin on her day) as well as Seunla and My best friend Tolu and I question my sanity for even thinking that in the first place. So I delete the thought. Yoruba’s can’t be bad. 
Of course I’ve been told Igbos are stingy and money inclined they are and that they like to own everywhere. Then I remember how un-money inclined I am, my firends like Princess desperately trying to avoid starting her own business, I think of people like Oby Ezekwesili who have spent the last year almost singlehandedly mounting pressure on the government to find missing Hausa girls that are not Igbos and may never probably marry Igbos. 
And yes My other best friend, Arinze loves businesses, and yes I have Yoruba friends who are really loud and superficial, but I also have that aren’t all these stereotypes that some people in our ancestry developed for what they felt where the needs of the their time.
But let’s all be Tribalist’s shall we. Let’s listen to the Oba a and drown the Igbos if Ambide losses, let’s listen to Kunle Afolayan and blame all piracy problems on Igbos, or listen to Dame Pateonce and sit back and pray Hausa’s throw “their pikin away.”
Or we could just call this for what it really is, stupidity in high realms and move on. 
Do what you want Akpo, I’m getting tired of all this. 

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