UgoTalksAlot’s Easter Prayer

Dear God, 
Thank you for keeping Nigeria safe and peaceful during the 2015 Presidential elections, the chill pills you handed to us was very effective. We are also optimistic about the future of this country and we want you to once again lead the way. 
But God, the conditions on this continent are far from 100% great. We know it could have been worse and we are greatful it isn’t. 
The 147 Kenyan students killed has left a hole in the heart of this continent. Nobody saw it comming and we can only wonder how dispecable one can be to end 147 lives, probably among them would have been Kenyans future President and government administrators, future innovators or even medical doctors. But now, the country has lost all that. 
The parents of those kids would be in total shock, confusion and deep mourning. They had sent their kids to be educated not executed for someone’s socio-religious fanaticism. Some of those parents lost more than their kids. They lost their best friends, trusted confidants and future caretakers. Some of them lost the spark in their homes maybe even their reason for still being alive. 
Dear God, this is Easter season and I remember how you lost your only natural born son, even though it was for a good cause, I’m sure you felt the pain. History tells us how the earth shook violently as your fingers trembled in grief, the world went dark because your baby boy had gone. I tell you this to remind you of what those parents and the Kenyan people must be feeling especially considering their kids were taken for no logical reason.
My simple and humble request is that you stand by them, give them strength and a new purpose for living, you give them wisdom and motivation to use this event to bring an end to all forms of violence against children.
Thank you, and by the way, 
Happy Easter. 

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