And The Sexual Abuse Began…

Written By Bassey Ironbar

My friend knows this girl. Her father is a pastor and her mother, a deacon in the church they worship in. She has a brother that loves watching pornographic movies. lol. So one day,  she went to her brother’s room when he was out with his friends. She saw a CD on her brother’s bed into the DVD player. She watched when two people were having sex and just put it off. Later that night, she described to her father what she watched and asked what is was? Her father, surprised,shouted at her and scolded her….. Told her to be more inqusitive about things like her books. 

The next day, the inquisitive young girl asked her driver as he was driving her to school. She also described what she watched and asked what it was,only for him to say he’ll show her when she’s bringing her back from school…when she finished from school, she was so happy because she thought she was gonna get an answer to her question, only for guy to stop the car on the expressway, come down from the car, go to the back seat where she was sitting, and he sexually assaulted her.      

I Am like what kind of life is this???


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