To All Covenant University MB Thieves 

So you are feeling good. You are Feeling Like a computer Wizkid that can steal someone’s data right from under their noses. I salute you for your uncommon stupidity. 
The worst thing is you are not even using the MB for anything. You want to talk to bae but you are not before anyone else, you are after. She’s only talking to you because no one is online. The notifications of your messages are mere background noise to her. 
Or maybe it’s a movie you want to download. Your mates are planning how to make their first movie you are here hiding behind a laptop and stealing MB. You are a first class idiot with no socio-economic importance to the covenant University society. 
I don’t understand what drives you. Is it the need to constantly be a nusiance online? Or are you just bored? Which ever permutation it is the solution is still the same…you are an imbecilic ignoramus with serious poverty mentality. How much is MB that you cannot buy? Is your poverty not up to N500?
The funny thing is the Data you remain is an exaggeration of the size of your CGPA. Can you stop telling the people you steal from how inept you are academically. All the 2.6 and 1.5 you’ve been leaving all around CU, only God will judge all of you. 

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