Run Away All Corrupt Politicians, Buhari is Comming For You?!?

It has been claimed that Buharis victory for some young people means reduced allowances and trips abroad. For some older ones especially those in politics it means a possible witch hunt, especially for those with checkered pasts. 

But don’t get me wrong, but I hope he doesn’t go after every Tom, Dick and Harry, it will just cause a loss of focus or at the very least take a little momentum and intensity away from other issues. So I don’t think Buhari should go after every bad politician that has stepped inside government office before because that would be 99.9% of al Nigerian politicians. 
I however do think that everyone that from the moment he steps into office anyone and everyone misappropriating public funds should be hunted down. I believe he should tactically yet viciously bring an end or at the very least the visible beginning of the end to the norm that  is corruption because let’s face it, Nigerian corruption requires an army of men with unstained integrity to eradicate. 
While the Army of Incorruptible men may be almost impossible to assemble, Buhari can make do with a cabinet of men incorruptible men. His cabinet will be the first sign to the Nigerian people of what Calibre of person they gave their mandate to. Nigerians want to return to the days where capable people ran the country, the days when we had Confidence in EFCC and NAFDAC and the FCT minister (even though he was often overzealous) and when the Minister of information and the spokesman actually had information and proper reaction times and methods. 
Most importantly the thick skin that allowed Buhari run for president four different times unfazed must not be left in his home town but it may require installation of a zipper. That thick skin would be needed to tackle corruption but may not always be useful in diplomacy. 

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