Why Nigeria Needs PDP Now More Than Ever

There is already talk about whether the PDP will be able to survive this loss at the presidential and National Assembly polls. It is not unwarranted after all for the 16 years since their inception the PDP have never known what it feels like to be an opposition party at the highest levels of government and this being the first time they were challenged by worthy competitors they buckled and lost. 
As a matter of fact since the idea of the formation of the APC was made known, the PDP has been having restless nights with the decamping completions and internal conflicts that have pervaded it. The exit of key influential figures like Obasanjo and key northern members like Rabiu Kwakwanso, Atiku Abubakkar and Tanbuwal not to mention its weak leadership has left the party shaking at the knees for sometime. But now the PDP, like the Nigerian Polity shares a very uncertain future, unlike Nigeria however it is not that optimistic for the PDP. 
However with the APC firmly at the helm of affairs come May 29th, the PDP must remain intact for its survival and the progress of this country. Corrupt or not, the party has 16 years of experience in democratic governance at the federal level, experience time and conditions might not allow the APC do without. Political Sages like David Mark must remain relevant within the PDP’s faction of the National Assembly to bring 16 years of experience consistency and calm to the National Assembly. 
The PDP needs to mount opposition pressure on the APC within the confines of laws and morality as soon as possible to keep the APC’s new government in check if not the APC will just end up slowly turning into PDP 2.0. I’m hopeful that this loss came as reality check and will cause the party to sit up rather than fall apart so that the best of our democracy will come out. 
With the ethnic divide seen in these elections it’s not inappropriate to say it would be difficult to get northerners to vote for a non-northerner came 2019 if the APC doesn’t live up to its promises. In truth it may be a lot more difficult to get Buhari out than it was to get him in especially if the PDP capitulates. 
The PDP, in my opinion needs new leadership, leadership that can inspire confidence in the members. It also needs to do this to minimize people decamping and loosing more valuable manpower and influence. That was what cost it the north the absence of influential people within the party to endorse Jonathan and split the APC’s share. After all the current chairman couldn’t even win his home state of Bauchi for the PDP.  
It also needs to reorganize and restrategise. It needs learn to quel internal conflicts before it boils over like we saw in Ogun state, Rivers state and many more PDP states. It has to be united within and without or at least fake it. It also just conducted one of the worst reelection campaigns in the history of reelection campaigns. The savy campaign edge of the PDP we saw in 2007 and 2011 appears to have disappeared. The FFK’s, Reno Omokri’s, Doyin Okupe’s did horrible jobs. They need to go scouting or look for skills and talents suppressed within their ranks, after all the PDP is for now still the largest political party in Nigeria. 

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