The Leader Nigeria Needs 

We need a strong person in Aso Rock. A man with strength like Samson, energy like Moses, a mind as sharp as Einstein’s, a passion as deep as Mandela’s and a determination like Ghandi. Someone who doesn’t only have these strengths but can also exude them like Martin Luther King Jnr. 

We need someone who can stand alone. A person with few friends, friends that speak the unreserved truth in his ears and not some propaganda. We need someone that puts this nations ahead of family even. Someone prepared to lay his life down rather than allow the man on the street die. 
The time has come for someone with skill to guide this national ship through the turbulent ocean of corruption. Someone, who has indepth knowledge of the modus operandi of political deviants and is also determined and resourceful enough to put them behind bars. We need someone who will strengthen our institutions so that they will keep working long after he is gone. 
We need a man who has gone through tests and have passed. We need a woman with integrity. We need someone who won’t loose his focus the moment his first paycheck comes or he is approached by unscrupulous entities chasing personal gain with communal resources.
We need someone with a plan and not just an idealistic perspective of how government is suppose to function. We need someone who has studied the system and has multiple strategies for the hazards that come with leadership. A person who is as much street smart as well as book smart. Not a person who just “wants to change this country.”
We need someone that can play the game of politics and win because the only thing our political system is good at is keeping good people out. If I wasn’t wrong Donald Duke would have been running against Raji Fashola for the presidency of this country. But instead we have a 72 year old man and a grossly uneducated woman running for the presidency. 
We need someone with thick skin. The kind of skin that makes crocodiles so difficult to kill 

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