As the Election Day approaches,
Our hearts are full of doubts and fear
For the results that will come the day after the elections
Who will it be  for the next 4 years?

My grandmother called and said
“Buy all the food stuff you need before the elections, you never know”
That is how afraid we are
I was at work when my colleagues were talking about traveling back home
“It is safer” they said
That is how we are reacting to the fear
My brother called me on his way back from school
“The dean said he doesn’t want anything to get out of control”
We are preparing ourselves for the worst

And in the midst of all our doubts
We offer a prayer in our hearts
That as we walk to the polls
Restore the hope we have lost in our country
Help us to have faith in our leaders and to trust our system
As the results are released,
Turn our hearts away from violence
and grant our leaders the conscience to honor their campaign promises

As we cast our votes,
Unsure of what is next
All we can do is pray for the Election Day


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