Dear Nigerians Lets Ask The Simple Questions 

Something is really wrong with our country and we need to start asking “what is wrong?” But that is a complicated question because there is no answer that would be less than a 100 pages of documentation. We need to ask more simple questions so we can get real answers and know if truly our leaders are knowledgeable and selfish or just plain stingy and stupid. 

I ask myself, Why are we asking for ‘free and fair elections’, aren’t elections meant to be free and fair? Isn’t that the whole point…that real people have their real votes counted? So why are we asking for free and fair elections? Or maybe this question is too complicated.
So I ask myself, why don’t we have light? What sensible nation doesn’t have Light? Even Ghana has light! Why does NEPA keep taking my light even though I pay the bills? Why do I have to spend my evenings listening to my generator hum; a hum I know too well and I can tell from the hum alone when the generator is bad. 
Why isn’t there any policy to seek out alternative energy sources because clearly whatever we are doing isn’t working. With all this heat and sunlight no one is taking about solar energy, why? Maybe this question is also complicated.
I will ask another. Why do students always fail Jamb and WAEC? Is the syllabus bad? Are the teachers bad or unequiped or are Nigerian youths just dumb? Jamb is about rounding up and I will be surprised if there is mass failure, not because I’m a prophet of doom but because people always fail. I guess this too is complicated.
But wait, why are there no jobs? Are we overpopulated? If we are I wonder what China is. Are our graduates just unemployable? If they are then why? When our parents graduated, there were jobs. There used to be jobs didn’t there? Is it that people never retired or computers took over all the jobs?
Is there even any simple question to ask? Is there a simple answer to why Nigeria is like this?

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