Dear Mr. & Mrs. ‘I Want To Be Nigerias President In Future’

Are you sure you want to be the president of Nigeria? Do you want to steal money or do you want to change this country? If you want to steal money I have goodnews for you. The road is clear, you may proceed and close this page. If you want to change this country you may need to take a sit and let UgoTalkToYou.

I appreciate you desire and passion enough to want to run for office. It’s good and admirable but at the end it may count for nothing. In the end you may become like GEJ, a good man that Aso Rock destroyed. So I ask again do you want to be the president. 
If you are still reading this, let me ask you a question. What is your plan to get to Aso Rock. You need a plan A through Z, with infinite permutations and combinations because our political system rarely allows good people through. Ask the Late adora Akinyuli who lost state governorship elections despite having character and intergrity not to mention a great reputation on her side. 
What are your plans if you do make it there. Have you sat down to think about all the problems in this country and comeup with potential solutions. Can you intelligibly discuss feasible steps to ending corruption? Can I wake you up from sleep and you will give me tangible steps to revitalizing our agricultural sector. Can you give me an impromptu lecture on how to fix our educational sector? What are your plans to create jobs? How do you want to give us light? 
Aside your plans, I must ask is your skin thick enough? Are you street smart enough? Can you play this game of political chess and win? Are you mastering these arts? You may have great and workable plans and still be frustrated by an incompetent National Assembly and governors with their own agendas not to mention a party breathing down your neck. If you haven’t though of all these, you have long WAYS to go. 
You say you want to be the president, what makes you different from every other president we’ve ever had? If you think some of the past leaders weren’t sincere when they started, you are mistaken. 
I will conclude like I began. Are you sure you want to be the president? I hope you are.  

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