Written By Damola

There comes a point in life where you get to a crossroad, 

All of a sudden you get confused about everything going on,

You begin to feel you’re not smart enough to follow your dreams and then you feel like your dream is a mirage that will never become a reality,

You begin to lose faith in yourself, nothing you do seems good enough,

You get mad at yourself, you become angry at the world,

You start to compare yourself with others who seem to have gotten it right and at that point everything becomes a turmoil,

You feel like things can only get worse and there’s nothing good to look forward to,

You become scared of the unknown, you fear that you might never blow.

But that’s just a phase in your life, those insecurities you feel are the mirage and not your dreams, don’t let go of your dreams.

Comparing yourself with others will do just one thing; kill your morale,

Everybody is allowed to give up on you but you’re not allowed to give up on yourself! Keep pushing, keep fighting, keep working hard and soon you will see that truly a hero lies in you. 




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