In Africa 

In Africa, there are the most uneducated children in the world. But these children have the most daring dreams and ambitions in the world. 
Africa is the most conducive environment for businesses to thrive, but it doesn’t stop us from building some of the most unique and dynamic startups. 
In Africa, many of our political leaders are some of the most inept, corrupt and thoroughly incapable in the world. But we are gradually awakening and demanding a higher standard from them.
In Africa, people kill their families to make a few bucks, but people also take strangers in and shower them with as much love as they would give their own children. 
In Africa, we are regularly confronted with one form of armageddon or the other, in fact some may say we live in unliveable conditions. But we survive and we are still here, we call it the black man blood. 
In Africa there are the most dependent countries in the world. States GDP’s are literally made up of Foriegn Aid. But in Africa, you will meet some of the most independent people in the world, people that have learnt to survive without their governments help. Just ask an an average African man what welfare is. He has no idea!
In Africa there is a paradox of two worlds. The African people are black and proud but sometimes black and sad. Sometimes we wish we were born in other continents. But then we decide we wouldn’t have had it anyother way. 
To us Africa isn’t just a country continet. It’s not a statistic. It’s not a colour and neither is it the dark continent. To some of us, Africa is home. No matter where we are, we always miss it. Sure, we wish it was a lot better, we hope a generation will rise up and restore its lost glory. But we are still African and Proud!

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