The Real Heroes Are Not Celebrated 

The real hero is the woman cleaning the gutters in the streets of Lagos so she can get a little money to put some food in her baby’s mouth. She is the police woman who stands in the way of innocents and criminals even if it costs her life. She is business woman who uses her wealth to put as many kids as she can in good schools. She is the low level civil servant running up and down to make sure the government keeps running while everyone else folds their hands and watch. 

The real hero is the solider fighting Boko Haram knowing that there is no one to cater for his family if he is killed. The real hero is the teacher in a dilapidated primary school that spends from his meager salary to make sure his students have something to eat so that they can at least pay attention in class.
The real heroes are the kids, with no power to fight for themselves but have been forced to fight for their sick parents and younger siblings. They are those born into affluence but would rather fight for those without silver spoons.
The real hero is not the politician in government house that is more intreseted in developing a potbelly than fixing decaying infrastructure. The real here’s are never really celebrated anymore.

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