Dear Akpo, When You’ve Lost A Dream 

It’s not like loosing a pet, some friends or family. There usually isn’t a sudden realization that something has been taken away from you. It’s more of a slow process where you come to the realization that used to wake you up after it kept you up for most of the night doesn’t wake you up anymore. It’s slowly realizing that you sleep throughout the night but are very cranky when you wake up. 
Almost as many people that get dreams loose them. It’s the cruelty of the world in which we were born. The world tries to suffocate you. It tells the schools that operate within it not to give you the course you’ve wanted to study since before you knew your name. So you sit down and listen as your parents tell you to study “anything and just graduate.” Then you spend the next four to six years in school, being miserable. 
It closes its labour market so that even if you made it through school, you won’t get employed. It tries to force you into something you never planned to do. And so, our best doctors never become doctors because they were stuck in the banks, our best diplomats end up planning events and our best political leaders end up in some market somewhere in Onitsha. 
Because no one can afford to go hungry we heed biblical injunctions that admonish us to work wherever we can. While that is very important, we have walked out of our dreams while working wherever we could. We have forgotten the inspiration we felt when we saw ourselves as doctors and lawyers and engineers because now all we see…we don’t even know what we see. 
We don’t even know who we are anymore, what we want anymore, we’ve forgotten what it feels like to be really alive because our dreams are more than what we fantasize or what we are passionate about. Our dreams are who we are, they are the payment we give to God for the oxygen he freely gives. 
Akpo, don’t forget your dream, adapt it, modify it, restrategise and restructure but never forget your dream, never forget who you are. 

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